About Tracy

I’ve been a homeopath in east London since I graduated from CHE in 2007, and I work from a local clinic as well as online.

Your Radiant Business is my ‘passion-project’ which has grown alongside my homeopathy practice since I met Lulu Kitololo in 2015.

I was born and raised in the West Midlands and came to London as a student.

I’ve lived in the East End for 23 years. My grandmother’s family lived in Clerkenwell where my great grandfather was a cabinet maker, so I have roots here.

I’m married and have two children.

My daughter is in her twenties and studying Curation and Fine Art at university.

My son goes to the local secondary school where he’s in the table-tennis squad.

Mu husband completed his PhD a couple of years ago, and now works as an independent consultant in heritage strategy.

We have a whippet and a cat, and I love spending evenings on the sofa with them curled up beside me.

Our flat has a tiny roof garden and we also have an allotment near the Olympic Park.

I’ve been growing vegetables for over 20 years and I love how it keeps me in touch with the seasons and nature.

I’ve done yoga and meditation since learning through the London Buddhist Centre in my twenties.

I love sauna and wild swimming when I get the chance.

My life changed in 2009 when I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

By following the practices outlined in that book, I discovered my creative side, which took me on a journey into writing, photography, quilt-making and learning to partner dance.

The Artist’s Way also helped me to connect with my need to share my experiences of growing my homeopathy practice through Your Radiant Business.

This has evolved into the newsletter, blog, 4-week course and membership that I currently offer.


About Tracy and Lulu

One spring morning I walked into the upstairs room of The Crown pub in Victoria Park for my very first meeting with the Women in Business Network.

The leader of the meeting welcomed me and I looked around for someone to start a conversation with.

I moved towards a stylish woman with a warm smile and bright clothes.

This was Lulu.

We introduced ourselves and continued chatting all through the lunch, only stopping when it was time to listen to the guest speaker.

It was the first meeting for both of us, and it was also the beginning of an inspiring friendship.

We usually talked about our ideas about marketing. Facebook and Twitter were growing rapidly at the time, although Instagram was still fairly new.

We both had a blog and a newsletter, and we encouraged each other to work on them more consistently.

Eventually, we had the idea of setting up a new blog and newsletter about marketing for homeopaths.

Lulu used her graphic design talents to create our very cool logo, and together we selected colours and fonts for the design.

Our very first blog was called Materia Marketer – a play on Materia Medica.


yrb macbook 2

We collaborated on Evernote and carved out the time to create a new blog post almost every week for well over a year.

There wasn’t a clear business objective, although we often talked about different ideas for trainings and downloads.

It was hard for us to decide exactly what it was we were offering and we didn’t really have a product or a service, even though we created content.

After a couple of years, we decided to refresh the name and the brand.

I remember that it was my idea to call it Your Radiant Business and I was so thankful that Lulu liked it!

My daughter did some work experience with Lulu and together they came up with the colour scheme, coral, teal and forest green.

We kept the yellow as a highlight colour as Lulu and I love yellow and we both use it in different shades for our personal branding.

In 2017 Lulu decided to return to Nairobi, Kenya and grow her graphic design business there.

I felt sad to see her go, but I knew it was the natural time for me to go solo with Your Radiant Business.

Somehow, this gave me some direction, and so I created the very first Radiant Business course.

It was a 3 day seminar series, which I offered to the two homeopaths I was mentoring, and I also promoted it on Facebook.

Six homeopaths took part, and I repeated it again with another five homeopaths a few months later.

Over the next 18 months I took the 3 part course to a number of different locations: Northampton, Hampshire, Worthing, Bristol and Gloucestershire.

I loved the travel but realised I would reach more people if I offered the training online. I started by writing up the content as a 30 day email course in the summer of 2017.

Each time the course runs, I reshape it based on feedback and it’s now in a 4 week form, with a mix of downloads, pre-recorded videos and live webinars.

2020 was the first year of our Radiant Membership.

This is a one year programme of on-going training and support on practice-building through clarity around branding and by writing newsletters and blogs.

November 2020, Your Radiant Business is six years old, and would not exist If I hadn’t met Lulu.

The inspiration and confidence came entirely through our collaboration together and for that I will always be very grateful.

You can find Lulu at lulukitololo.com

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