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Why I Recommend Timely

As homeopaths, we love helping people. Our client work is the focus of our business and we want to make sure that we provide a personal service. However, unless we want to be a full-time receptionist as well as a homeopath, it’s wise to use a good booking system.

The 5 Love Languages of Client Communication

I forget where I heard about The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, but I’m very glad I bought a copy.

I read it back in 2014 and it really resonated with me.

As a school teacher, I was taught to use different learning strategies in my lessons so that all my students could access the curriculum. I would plan to include visual, verbal and practical ways of learning.

The 5 Love Languages is similar, except that it applies to our personal relationships. I read it initially to get some insight into my relationship with my husband. 🙂


Your Annual Review | When Did You Last Review Your Practice?

When did you last review your practice?

I do it at the end of every quarter.

It helps me see if I’m moving towards my goals, and figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Then I update my goals for the new quarter.

January can be a good time, a new year is a time to turn over a new leaf. But, you can do this anytime you feel you need a refresh.

So the next question is: where do we start? It’s time to review your practice.

How Clear and Thoughtful Customer Service Attracts and Retains Clients

Customer service is an essential part of a homeopathy practice, no matter how many people we have to look after.

Each of our clients requires our attention and, as our practice grows, so does the time we need to spend.

Exceptional service is a must for a small service-based businesses like homeopathy as it is one of the ways we bring value for our clients.

When our clients love what we do, we get the benefit of the best marketing tool: word of mouth.

About Me: The Most Important Page On Your Site (and How To Make Yours Shine!)

Think back to the last time you went shopping.

Did you need something specific or were you just passing the time?

Did you make a return visit to a favourite shop, maybe somewhere where they know you?

Or did you find yourself looking at window displays to see what took your fancy?

Sometimes we shop from necessity.

Sometimes for fun and we impulse buy.

Other times we are more discerning.

(And hey, guess what? Our clients are just the same.)


The 6 Stages of Practice

Wherever you are in your practice-building journey, small changes can make a big difference. Use this article to help you figure out which stage you’re at and what your next steps could be.

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Better than Boundaries

My ‘Word for the Year’ in 2020 was ‘Boundaries’. My word for 2021 is ‘Sustainable’. Practicing sustainably involves putting boundaries into place. Here are my plans to help me do that.

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If you want to learn how to run a successful, heart-centred, fabulous business, I would not hesitate in recommending Tracy.
The course completely changed my practice, my online presence and my income.
If you want to learn how to run a successful, heart-centred, fabulous business, I would not hesitate in recommending Tracy.
I have a consistent stream of clients, more enthusiasm and motivation.
I am full of ideas to improve my business and myself and feeling really inspired to take it to the next level.
The guidance and attention to detail is exceptional.
I was at a recent talk with homeopaths and they all mentioned how fab your course is.

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