Why I’m Working On My Elevator Pitch

With Christmas coming up, I’m starting to get party invitations, which is nice.

I like parties.

Even though at some point I know I’ll find myself having to explain what I do.

I’m used to people being curious about me. I don’t think I fit into many boxes. It’s taken me a while to realise that.

I often find myself being introduced to people as a DJ, which puts me on the spot a bit. I have to explain, “No, I don’t do mixing, no, I’m not famous, no, it doesn’t pay my mortgage.”

Then I have to explain what I really spend my time doing in that role.

Do you struggle telling others what you really do? Me too; here’s how I’m tackling it.

Why I Struggle With My Elevator Pitch

“A brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you do. It should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name.” – MindTools

I’ve tried so hard to get better at my “elevator pitch” this year after reading a great book called Key Person of Influence by a guy called Daniel Priestley.

He says that if you want to be successful you need to do 5 things in a certain order.

The first thing is to have that compelling elevator pitch. Quick, clear, and interesting for someone you just met.

I’ve thought long and hard about it.

This is how far I get with it…


I am really good at helping people with recurring infections. Chest, sinus, throat, cold sores, thrush, pelvic pain.


I love helping women to sort out their periods, and I love treating acne. Perimenopause is another favourite area.

Getting A New Life

My favourite people to work with are those who are at a place where they are ready for a change but they feel like they’re being held back.

I know that when people work with me they often find themselves an entirely new life. They find out who they really are and what they want to be and then they go off and do that.

Putting It All Together

How do I put all of that into an elevator pitch?

A classic pitch aims to be short and to the point.

Maybe that’s my pitch:

“I’d like to be short and to the point, but it’s just not possible.”

Perhaps you have the same challenge. Whether you do one big thing which often takes a lot of explanation, or a ton of little things, it can be tricky.

My Current Pitch

“I’m a homeopath and I specialise in women’s health.”

That usually triggers some questions.

I show people who I am and what I do by telling my story. I like telling stories.

Homeopathy is really hard to explain at the best of times. I try to never do that at a party. Not with a glass of Prosecco in my hand!

You can do this too – talking to someone else and capturing it on a recorder (or making notes) sometimes brings greater clarity. You find yourself expressing things that you know, but didn’t know you know.

The first step is writing down your elevator pitch:

Is it short?

Will it engage a first-time listener?

Is it in your own words?

Put it to paper and see how it feels. Daniel Priestley says that you need to say it over and over again until you memorise it.

Try it at the next party you’re invited to.

Then maybe let me know how it goes for you!

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Hi, I’m Tracy,

I’ve been a homeopath in east London since I graduated from CHE in 2007.

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