How to Transform Enquiries Into Bookings

I love answering questions about business systems! I was recently asked what I do when prospective clients email me with an enquiry and how I transform those enquiries into bookings. 

There are two things I always keep in mind.

I always offer them my time and I give them a choice.

Everyone appreciates that.

I say,

‘Yes, I can help, would you like me to email you some more information or shall we chat on the phone? Here’s my number, if you’d like to call.’

I recently heard back from the homeopath who asked me that question.

She told me how incredibly useful that piece of advice had been.

She said that ever since she started doing this, people had called her and that she’d been able to book them in for an appointment.

Previously she had sent information back via email and the conversion into appointments had been much lower.

I was so happy to hear this!

Give Your Time

When you are speaking to a potential client on the phone, take your time.

It is an opportunity for them to decide whether they want to work with you.

It’s important to be honest and open about what they can expect from homeopathy and from working with you.

Your prospective clients need to feel that they can make a choice.

Ideally, if we make the space to really listen to them and to be honest with them, they will choose to work with us.

30 Minutes Now, More Bookings Later

Time is valuable.

There is a lot I can do in half an hour. Maybe that’s the same for you?

I have a booking button on my website, encouraging people to contact me for a free chat. It works. And it works even better now than it did when I first set it up.

Initially I had a free call set up for 15 minutes, but when I increased it to 30 minutes the response was immediate.

My enquiry rate went up from an average of 1 per month to an average of 1 per week. That is a big increase!

That’s how I know it works!

Not all of those calls turn into bookings but most of them do.

Time and Attention Says a Lot About You

The free 30 minute call says that you care.

People appreciate that they get your time and your attention.

By being generous with your time you build up trust.

That is a valuable thing at the start of a client-therapist relationship.

4 Simple Ways to Transform Enquiries into Bookings

So, if you want to ‘convert’ more enquiries into bookings, here’s my list of suggestions:

  1. Offer a choice – more information via email or on a phone call.

  2. Give them your phone number.

  3. Offer a free 30-minute call via your booking button on your website.

  4. Don’t rush.


Good luck!

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